Families belong together.

As homeschool moms, "together" is one of our core beliefs.


Why, then, do we try to go it alone?

Come with me.

You don't have to




Hi, I'm Laura.

I've been working with homeschool moms just like you for three years. I'm launching With Community to help you find what you need to live a better homeschool life:

Your plan

Get a map to help you plan your next right step in homeschooling with confidence and freedom.

Your purpose

Watch mercifully short teaching content that helps you clarify your core beliefs and apply those to your homeschooling priorities.

Your people

Find homeschooling mamas just like you who are longing for a simpler way.

I believe...

  • ...that your children are born learners.

    From the moment they grasped your finger, scaled a bookshelf, cracked a joke - they have been learning, and they haven't stopped.

  • ...that you are a born learner, too.

    You have the same birthright of learning as your kids do; you just have more seasons of it under your belt. You have done hard things and come out the other side. You can do that with homeschooling, too.

  • ...that we are created to learn together.

    Since Genesis, humans have flourished in community. When I discover something new, my first inclination is to share it with someone! It is a delight to learn together.

Is this what you believe, too?

Then it's time to break free from trying to do school at home.

We live in a world that would have us believe that...

  • Kids are empty vessels who need to be filled with facts

  • Doing more means more success

  • Good homeschool moms are patient & organized

  • Teaching is best left to experts with training

  • Kids need to learn to do things they don't like

  • Falling behind schedule is the fast track to failure

Choosing to reject these norms won't work if you're doing it alone.

We need each other.

I'm building a membership for homeschool moms like us.


As a founding member you will get:

  • A clear path forward

    No more googling and sifting through mountains of information and advice. It's time to cut through the clutter. I'll give you a map you can use to figure out your next small step to take as you move forward in homeschooling with peace, confidence, and freedom.

  • Concise teaching videos

    I will share exclusive, easy-to-digest energy bites of instruction. These teachings will be aligned with your map and give you momentum as you move forward.

  • Ongoing support from me

    I will be active in our membership Facebook group answering your questions as you apply what you're learning.

  • Like-minded group of homeschool moms

    Our exclusive membership Facebook group will give you a way to connect with other moms who are on this journey with you.

  • The chance to influence the membership

    This community isn't pre-built! I'm inviting you to join me so we can build it together. I create, you respond, I respond, etc. This process ensures that what I share and how I support you will be not only relevant, but customized to what you need at any moment. You will have a say in what the direction is now and how the community will take shape in the future!

  • A fixed monthly or yearly price

    This is the lowest price this membership will ever be.  As I raise the price in the future, you will only ever pay the low founding member rate as long as you are a member in good standing. This is a huge benefit of being a founding member!

We need each other.


Let's get going. We can do it together.

I know what you don't want...

Over the years I have been listening to what moms like you are saying in the homeschool world. I've even met with hundreds of you one on one! And I know that you're like me. You don't want...

  • ...a longer list.

    You're busy. Enough said.

  • ...a mindset of "more."

    You have been striving to do more, to read more, to get more math done, to be more patient, to make your house look more like Instagram school rooms. "More" is spinning you into overwhelm and leaves you a small bag of guilt you carry around every day. That little bag is getting too heavy.

  • ...another homeschool hack or curriculum suggestion.

    You have spent too much money on curricula that other people loved only to find it wasn't a good fit for your family. You have tried different strategies and have trouble sticking with them over time because you don't have anyone to help you implement these ideas.

...and I know what you do.

I hear you saying you crave...

  • ...simplicity.

    You wish that things fit together better. You want peace to pervade your home instead of moving like a whirlwind through twenty half-finished tasks.

  • ...less of everything.

    You're longing to subtract from your mental load. You want to feel happy that you're homeschooling in the day to day. You're tired of losing track of your thoughts and managing your myriad responsibilities whilst fielding seven thousand kid questions.

  • ...real relationships with other homeschool moms.

    You want connection. You want to feel seen. You want to be valued.

The answer isn't "more."

The answer is "with."

Become a founding member of the

With Community today for only $15.



per month

Get started for less!



per year

Best value: get 2 months free!


This invitation is good until August 20.

I am closing the doors at 11:59 pm EST on August 20 so I can give my new community my full attention. I will open the membership again in the future, but do not know yet when that will be or what the cost will be. What I do know is that the founding member price I'm offering now is the lowest it will ever be.


Laura Swain

  • Former teacher

  • Recovering perfectionist

  • Homeschool mom of four

  • Grace-covered child of God

  • Cheerleader for moms like you

I am a homeschool mom of four young kids and have worked with homeschool parents 1:1 for three years doing Ohio portfolio reviews. What began as a spontaneous side business has grown into one of my favorite things: encouraging homeschool parents so they feel confidence and peace about learning alongside their kids. 


Before my homeschool life I taught in public school for five years and directed a non-profit youth program for three years. I have always felt a special connection with kids who don't quite "fit the mold," and enjoyed teaching summer school remediation where I got to spark joy in weary learners who doubted their own ability and value. 

I was terrified about this process and you helped me find peace in it. I have for a long time felt alone. I am so glad I'm connected with you now.


Cannot tell you how much stress you took off my shoulders my first year of homeschooling! And now you helped me see that my daughter is already making connections between knowing and doing.

My mind is blown!


You have a gift for encouraging and building up. That is a ministry in and of itself.



It's time to cease your striving and seize the season you're in.

It's time to throw off guilt so you can finally enjoy homeschooling.

It's time to connect with others in a real, committed way so you can have a better sense of how normal your experiences and thoughts are.

It's time to invest in your own growth that will trickle down into the lives of your kids, your spouse, your friends, and your community.

It's time to take action.

I am wondering...

Is this a secular membership?

How can I fit this in my already busy schedule?

What kind of homeschooling approach do you promote?

My purpose is not to convert anyone to a specific homeschooling approach (unschooling, Charlotte Mason, classical, traditional, etc.). In my opinion, you can successfully homeschool with any of these approaches as long as you have the proper foundation in place. Building that foundation is a step many homeschoolers skip, which leads to burnout and self-doubt. There is never going to be a homeschool approach that will save you. Regardless of which style speaks to you, when you work with me to build your foundation you will be able to move forward in your preferred method with confidence and cease from striving.

I don't have time for this right now. Will you be opening the membership again?

I know how difficult it can be to juggle many people and priorities in your home (and outside it, too!). I want you to know that this membership isn't meant to add things to your To Do list, but to take things off! Even still, if you decide the timing isn't right, be assured that you will have another chance to join, though I'm not certain exactly when, or what the price will be.

What if I change my mind? Can I cancel?

What if the price of the membership goes up?

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